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Chinon and it's famous castle , a huge fortress (1300 feet x 230) , originally a Roman camp. In 11 C ,  Henry  Plantagenet built most of the castle...After he became King of England , Chinon was his favorite residence in his possessions on this side of the Channel .In 1429 , the young Joan of Arc recognized the  King of France among 300 courtiers and told him she was a "Messenger of God" ...and the king believed in the courageous girl's mission to defeat the English forces.....


Castles,France,Loire Valley

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This Old city is located  nearby Chenonceau and Montpoupon , on the bank of river Cher .The square keep which stands above  was built in 1010 by Fulk Nerra ...

Saint Aignan

Castles,France,Loire Valley     Castles,France,Loire Valley

This medieval city , a few kilometers from Montrichard,has a few gothic houses and a beautiful 11 C and 12 C church.The castle was built in the 16 C on the  ruins of the medieval fortifications.


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Châteaux de la Loire en Français


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